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Why You Need to Present Your Message with Video! http://www.pixelfactory.tv Video Production in Huddersfield - Huddersfield Video Production company Pixel Factory. Serving West Yorkshire including Leeds Bradford Brighouse Halifax

Why You Need to Present Your Message with Video! http://www.pixelfactory.tv Video Production in Huddersfield

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More than any other marketing tool, video offers amazing potential for you to make more money from your products and services. If you want to be on the right side of the technology curve and be ahead of your competition, you need to be using video! Specifically online video.

In the majority of cases online Video offers the best marketing solution there has ever been

  • Versatile – can be used at evry stage of the marketing process, delivering a consistant, finely tuned message every time.
  • Attention Grabbing – It grabs and holds a visitor’s attention. This is vital with the notorious short attention spans of internet users.
  • Demonstrates – way better than text and still images can do. Furthermore, viewers would much prefer to watch than read.
  • Decreases your site’s bounce rate – people will stay on your page and read more instead of bouncing off there quickly.

  • Makes You Stand Out from the Competition – in the near future, most of your competition will have embraced online video. Jumping aboard now puts you way ahead.
  • High Sales Conversion Rate – Video effectively converts your visitors into hungry buyers – it’s very effective at creating feelings and ambiences that the viewer wants to buy into.

  • Shows You and Your Products in the Best Light – In short, a well produced video will make your company and your products look amazing!

Before online video, video worked brilliantly when put in front of viewers. But it wasn’t easy to show it to them. Short of widespread broadcast TV campaigns, mass DVD mailouts or sending salespeople out to show it in person, there was no solution to the problem of getting the video to the right people.

Online video is this solution! Broadcasting to the whole world 24 hours a day. In most scenarios the best sales person there is, always available, always delivering the perfect sales pitch!

Contact Hudderfsield based video production company http://www.pixelfactory.tv or email us at info@pixelfactory.tv to find out how you can optimise your company’s marketing with online video.

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