Online Video

Online video is in most cases the most effective marketing tool available today.


While online media has taken the world by storm, there is still a place for distributing films on DVD and Bluray media.

TV Advertising

From national campaigns to minority channels, we make producing your advert affordable.

Event Visuals

Bring your event to life with branded films on display.


Video is possibly the most effective training device available today. Always delivering a consistent message and viewable over and over.

Instore Promotion

Advertise your products, services, promotional offers and opening times on large screen TVs.


Corporate and Social Video Production by

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Video Services:

Corporate videos

Video provides the perfect way to showcase your company. From illustrating company ethos to production processes, video can be used internally and externally online, broadcast or offline through DVD and bluray.


Video is perfect for product demonstrations, walkthroughs or even short adverts showing them in their best light.


A well made video is the next best thing to actually being there, sometimes even better. It has the ability to show premises in their best light, highlighting the best features and emphasising the atmosphere to make the viewer wish they were actually there. A great tool for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, wedding venues, conference centres etc.

Conferences & Events

Videos are widely used to document events or create punchy online highlights releases. Furthermore pre-filmed inserts and stunning introductions can really add to the occassion at the event itself. When exhibiting at an event, a large screen with a well-made video can be your best sales tool.

Music Videos / Performing Arts

Music video production is now in the reach of everyone. No longer do you require millions. We can often capture the same cinematic style, effects and editing techniques for less than 4 figures. Stunning films can be made from arts performances which can often look better than the audience sees on the night. Video projections and LCD screens can also really add to the production values of the event

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Video is not always about the nice things in life. It is emotionally impactful and clear in presenting problems faced within society and on a more positive note the things that are being done to put these right.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities such as sport and travel have always made great subjects for video. The latest equipment makes it possible to capture and present this in more exciting ways than ever!

Introduction and Explainer Videos

These are proving to be a very popular way of introducing your company, organisation or products and services to the world in a couple of minutes.

Whatever your product, service or occassion, we have the facilities and experience to film it and turn it into a promotional video that people will find interesting and impactful, tailored to both your objectives and to your audience.

We have a wealth of experience in produce short-length promotional films to raise awareness and sell your product. Our portoflio stretches from corporate videos for businesses of all types,from community initiatives to leisure facilities, from nightclubs to bands, conferences, online videos, to in-house training.

And while we can handle most of the tasks in-house, if the project requires it, we are able to draw from a pool of experienced specialists, all of whom have worked at the major TV networks for several years. The finished product can be supplied in most formats from internet files to blu-ray to broadcast tape.

Owner Darren Evans has been working in moving images, both real and computer animated, for 10 years. Prior to this he served 10 years as a graphic designer, where he worked on Top 10 video games and print designs for well known names. With a desire to make his designs move, a passion for 2D and 3D animation led on to live action capture and edit to complement these.

The advent of low cost, high end technology over that time, has allowed him to become proficient in the whole process from cinematic camerawork to directing, editing and colourisation to sound and lighting. All backed up with the final polish that his motion graphics expertise brings.

Please take at look at our gallery and hopefully we can add your company to it in the near future. Please note that this is just a snapshot as we have a lot of high profile work created directly for large companies or for agencies on behalf of their clients that we are unable to post online at their request. These range from multinational blue chip companies to national arena concert tours, TV presenters, olympic athletes and massive celebrity weddings.

The Video Production Process

Here is a standard production timeline for a complex job. Of course many of the stages are optional:

video production process

View Our Work

Our portfolio contains a wide variety of work – We have experience of producing every type of promotional film you can think of.Covering all types of industries and all manner and size of business and organisation we’ve probably got an example of the type of video that you’re looking for. We’ve handily tagged each video so they can be filtered in many ways.

If you still can’t find something please contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.
We also have some impressive examples of work for household names, most of our best work in fact, but unfortunately we are unable to post it online due to reasons such as copyright and industrial secrecy. It’s provided us with tremendous experience even if we may be unable to show them off here!

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