Timelapse Photography and Videography

Clients have been amazed at the timelapse video footage that we have produced, from construction work to the build of stage sets at major UK arenas to football crowds filling up and emptying. We offer this service while we are present filming at locations, often as standard.

Even better, we are now able to offer new services which expand the capabilities enormously. Unique technology from our timelapse partner company allows cameras to be placed for almost infinite periods in most conditions.

This makes it possible for construction projects lasting several years to be captured from fixed cameras from start to end. All the while they are monitored via wifi at base to ensure gaps in filming due to extreme circumstances are either eliminated or kept to a minimum.

Examples of applications of timelapse photography that we have performed:

building work
machine production
large-scale concert set builds and crowd filling up
sporting event match preparation and crowd
exhibition setup
wedding reception setup
party venue setup
conference crowds
scenery day to night

These are just a few examples, timelapse photography and video can be applied to dozens of situations.

Please contact us at Huddersfield video company Pixel Factory for more information on this service.

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