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This is the One…

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Video Production Huddersfield…we’re waiting for.

Huddersfield Video Production Company Pixelfactory.tv recommends the Canon 5D Mark III.

We’ve been making the most of DSLR camera technology for 2 years now and have been astounded by the results and opportunities they provide.
It’s been a steep learning curve that we’ve conquered, overcoming the difficulties that need to be worked around with these cameras to get the stunning results we crave.

All along we’ve been dreaming of technology improving to get round these problems, make our life easier and get even better results, the kind of results you’d get from a £100,000 camera 2 or 3 years ago.

We were all primed for Canon’s announcement last December, and as detailed below it turned out to be a very nice camera, but well out of our price range. We can always rent one if we need though!
Thankfully they’ve followed this up with something that delivers everything we need for 95% of our projects with the recently announced Canon 5D Mark III.

From now on this will be the camera of choice for most of jobs. Offering great footage, flexibility and portability, and even better without having to charge any rental fees we’d have to pay.The 5D Mark II has created some of the most amazing footage seen around the world these last couple of years but now we can all step it up to a new level. And the main beneficiary is you, our clients. As ever, Pixelfactory.tv will be pushing the boundaries as far as possible to capture your images, making them look like they’ve come from a Hollywood Film Studio.

Contact us at www.pixelfactory.tv to see what we can do with the Mark III for you!
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