Video Post Production

Colour Grading

However nice footage looks straight out of the camera, it can always be improved, sometimes beyond all recognition by colour manipulation. Sometimes even the dullest-looking footage can be made to look highly cinematic.

In fact, we always film our footage with a “flat look” which allows us to pull out the highlights and shadows in post.

A huge range of looks can be achieved to match the mood of your production. We are well-versed in what works for what production but at the same time are not afraid to experiment.

Visual Effects

If something needs to be added in post because it wasn’t there in the first place, the setting would be impractical to film in or it doesn’t exist in real life, visual effects makes it all possible.

Big budget blockbuster effects can all be produced by us via software in post-production. From explosions to turning day into night, from adding 3d characters to morphing you into an alien, we can do it all in-house.

Green screen filming is a popular way of situating your presenter in front of a pleasing graphic background, even interacting with it. This is a good solution too if you don’t have premises you want to show off on screen.

View our motion graphics showreel or ask us if you have something particular in mind.