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Pixelfactory.tv presents the Facts about Online Video - Huddersfield Video Production company Pixel Factory. Serving West Yorkshire including Leeds Bradford Brighouse Halifax

Pixelfactory.tv presents the Facts about Online Video

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55% of how we learn is done by seeing. A video engages, entertains and
persuades a web visitor in ways simple text and images can’t compete with.


Now download connections have finally caught up with people’s imaginations, HD video is taking over the internet. Simple words and pictures can only go so far in delivering your message, complimenting them with video takes online marketing to a whole new level.

Online video is now the most valuable and cost effective marketing tool available. The biggest
companies in the world are devoting the largest chunk of their marketing budget to online video.
It is working for them 24 hours a day, delivering a glossy, consistent message to the whole world.

At Pixel Factory we make this affordable to any business. We are a new breed of video production company. Just as technology has progressed to allow HD video streaming online, so it has allowed camera, filmmaking kit and software to shrink in size and price. Pixelfactory.tv can fit a setup in a small van or car that just a couple of years ago may have taken several trucks and an army of operators to achieve the same.

Without it you are falling behind your competitors.
In 5 years time online videos will be as ubiquitous as company websites themselves. Sites consisting of words and pictures alone may soon be relics. But don’t
worry, video can easily sit within your existing site.

It’s hard to resist clicking on a video. That means visitors will stay longer and are 5 times more likely to take further action on your site.

They will stay on your site and view more of it.

It’s the next best thing to having your own advert on TV. In fact, in some ways it’s better – People can view at any time, at their leisure and it can last as long as your message requires.

Online video has been found to be the best way of making sure search engines rank you highly. A video is 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google than any other type of content.



By placing a video on your own site or hosting sites like Youtube or Vimeo , practically any business can benefit. Video allows you to create an atmosphere and ethos for your target market to buy into. It makes your brand, products and services desirable.

At Pixel Factory we can present your business, it’s products and services in the best light. Video sells the
benefits more effectively than just text and pictures.
You can show the luxuriant mown lawn not just a picture of the mower than cut it.

If you have stunning premises we can make them look even better, if not focus on the products and bring them to life with stunning motion graphics.



Video can be used internally and externally for:
Promotion, Advertising and Sales
Training & Demonstrating Instructions
Enhancing Conferences and Exhibitions
Keeping Customers up to date



On your own website – We can create one for you if required

On social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

On listings directories such as Yell.com and Thomsonlocal.com

On video streaming sites like Youtube or Vimeo

In Powerpoint presentations

In Email Links

On hard copy DVDs and Blurays

In your company reception or instore



Video can be used alone or to complement other marketing tools:

Print Advertising and brochures can be used as a call to action to view the video online, which can then do it’s job of bringing the printed words to life.

In Sales Presentations video delivers a consistent, engaging sales message every time.

On Websites themselves the video comes into
it’s own.

Distributed on DVDs & Blurays to watch offline.


Just as technology has progressed, video production agencies have had to adapt.

Multidisciplined staff mean there is no need for a layer of management and large offices to keep all the cogs in a machine working in unison. The only cogs that need to keep moving are the ones in our own heads.

At the same time we can easily expand and contract to handle any size job. We have the ability to call upon a team of freelance experts with many years’ broadcast experience to expand and contract as we need on a per job basis.

We keep up with the latest camera technology, which allows us to produce the types of shots and angles that, even a year ago, could have required a truck load of equipment and operators to achieve.

A keen  passion for mastering the latest software and plugins allow us to achieve amazing effects and animation. Our work has the look, feel and polish of those produced for multinational companies at a fraction of the budget.

We enjoy what we do, we‘re grateful our customers
entrusted their sales message to us and we’re determined to wring every penny’s worth of quality out of each project’s budget.

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Sony Video HDR camera illustration  by Drew Griffith. Icon grpahics by psdgraphics.com

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