We try to make every frame in our final videos good enough to hang on the wall, a work of art in itself. In other words we use most of the skills and techniques required for great photography in every shot we do for video. We can comfortably carry this forward into capturing a single moment in still photography.

Common techniques in lighting and composition are mixed with extra skills such as flash,control over shutter speed and posing techniques.

In a way, Darren’s skills have come full circle – from a desire to make his graphics move, to animation and live action video, to single frames.

As a video company we do not go out to promote our photography services but are happy to offer them to our clients who can often save a lot of time and expense by having photography done by us at the same time as their videography.

We have been entrusted to film:

Major Outdoor Music Festivals
Awards Ceremonies
National Magazine Shoots
Auspicious restaurant grand openings
Theatrical Performances
Arts Installations

Other types of photography we cover:

Food and product
Staff Headshots

We are also able to provide a selection of trusted, long-standing photographers who specialise in niche areas.

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