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Online Video Production – The Infinite Marketing Resource http://www.pixelfactory.tv

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The advent of online video provides another great advantage over the other methods of marketing that it is overtaking –
There’s an infinite supply of copies! When you give out or send out a print run, it’s gone and you need to order another run. A broadcast TV or radio campaign has a set number of slots that need renewing at the end of a run.

Even with DVDs you need to order copies in batches. When they’re gone, short of asking people to share them around, you need to order more in order to allow pros[ective customers to see your message. Even as recently as 2 years ago there was strict limits on the number of viewings or bandwidth your video hosting platform would allow.

These limits are far less of a problem, or more often are no longer an issue. That means when your video’s out there on the internet, the number of viewings it can have and the number of viewers is unlimited! Moreover, the viewings can be at anytime and by anyone, not just someone you’ve had to specifically target.

To unleash the power of online video production by contacting Huddersfield-based Pixelfactory.tv at http://www.pixelfactory.tv.

More benfits of online video are explained in this video we created:

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