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No wooden acting here! - Huddersfield Video Production company Pixel Factory. Serving West Yorkshire including Leeds Bradford Brighouse Halifax

No wooden acting here!

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As a prolific creator of videos for local business in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and the Greater Manchester area, http://www.pixelfactory.tv we make video affordable to any sized business.

What many don’t realise is that we also provide a service that allows you to recoup the cost by charging your customers or suppliers to advertise on screen as part of a loop with your own video.

One example of this is Birkby Timber merchants Walker Timber.

A family run company with many decades of business behind them, Walker Timber http://www.walker-timber.co.uk appreciate the benefits of instore video. As part of our HD Advertising service http:hdadvertising.co.uk they have installed an LCD screen in the yard’s shop with a looping video. This will be financed by having adverts created by us for tradesman that use the yard. A win win situation for everyone. We can advise you on which screens to buy and many these days have an input for a USB stick or memory card to play the video in a loop very easily. Of course the cost of buying a screen has really come down in price.

One of the benefits of our work process is that a one or 2 person team can quickly produce a video approaching the quality of high end TV adverts at a tiny fraction of the cost, by negating the need to employ a team of people to do several tasks and the management required to coordinate it all.

We are quickly able to produce this in a number of formats, at different running times. This makes it very easy to create a version for online distribution. With the correct marketing, a company can not only benefit from a free video for the shop by recouping the money in advertising revenue, they can also have a free online one too!

Without even the bonus of receiving revenue from advertisers, you can recoup the costs from those customers being educated on services they didn’t even know you provided. As well as being able to sell better to some who may otherwise not be persuaded. Special offers can also be included in the loop to maximise sales potential. As it’s easy to add or remove a video from the loop, these can be regularly updated.

If you would like to benefit from this service please contact us at Pixel Factory .tv to see what we can do for you.

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