Online Video

Online video is in most cases the most effective marketing tool available today.


While online media has taken the world by storm, there is still a place for distributing films on DVD and Bluray media.

TV Advertising

From national campaigns to minority channels, we make producing your advert affordable.

Event Visuals

Bring your event to life with branded films on display.


Video is possibly the most effective training device available today. Always delivering a consistent message and viewable over and over.

Instore Promotion

Advertise your products, services, promotional offers and opening times on large screen TVs.


Motion Graphics by

motion gfx screen fin 534x480

Motion Graphics Services:


Motion graphics and visual effects make your product look much more appealing and interesting than . Whether creating your product in 3D or just embellishing live footage, motion graphics can help you sell it, explain it or even provide instructions on how to put it together or use it. They also work brilliantly overlaid over live footage to add a professional gloss to your video presentation.

Inhouse Screens

Large televison screens are common on the walls of most showrooms, restaurants and entertainment venues. A well presented motion graphics piece not only complements your carefully chosen decor but can update viewers on your product range, upcoming events, promotions and even your daily menu specials.

Conferences & Events

Start your conference with a bang with an attention grabbing motion graphics conference intro. Careful branding used on screens throughout the conference adds a professional level to the staging. If you’re exhibiting at the event, motion graphics on large screens helps to make an eye catching stall as well as a great means to demonstrate, explain and sell your products!

music / Performing Arts Videos

Motion graphics can make a highly effective music video on it’s own. When combined with live action and greenscreen footage it can make something truly special. They also make an amazing backdrop to any type of performance. Just make sure you get screens big enough!


Sport and travel can be exciting enough. The sattelite TV stations have shown how the adrenalin can be taken to another level when they’re brought to life with motion graphics. Now that option is available to you!

Introduction and Explainer Videos

Simple videos utising motion graphics and animation are a great way of introducing your company, organisation or products and services in a clear, simplistic manner.

Training and Instructional Videos

Motion graphics and animation can explain instructions and directions clearly, often more effectively than in real life.

Opening and Closing Titles

Of course one of the most common uses of motion graphics is in the titles for live action video productions. No quality production is complete these days without some kind of motion graphics or design element.
Huddersfield motion graphics design and animation company Pixel Factory, have established themselves in the last 5 years as one of the go to production houses for design agencies and organisations of all types from large multinational companies to small local business.

With 12 years’ experience in motion graphics and videography on top of an initial 10 years in graphic design, owner Darren Evans has the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life.

Clients include some of the most well known Yorkshire design agencies, TV advertising producers, international recording artists, major Yorkshire/Lancashire sports teams and personalities, multinational companies and exhibition promoters.

Motion Graphics are inescapable today, not surprisingly, as they have the power to bring any production to life and add a real sheen. Information comes across more clearly, holding people’s interest and attention.

From opening titles on TV programmes and movies, to advertising, plasma screen displays, the internet and club visuals, they are everywhere. Your message pops out of the screen and stays in people’s minds.

Able to suit any budget, We have the experience software and facilities to produce the most stunning 2D and 3D motion design. The finished product is guaranteed to add the professional look that a modern video production demands to any video production. With prices from £30 an hour, you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved within your budget.

Moreover, motion graphics can be overlayed or combined with live action video footage to enhance and give the final film a highly polished, expensive look – just like you’re used to seeing on TV, just for a lot less outlay!

Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, we are just off junction 23 of the M62 motorway, which opens up the whole of the North of England to us and further afield. Moreso, if we can create the whole job in-house or the client supplies and live action footage or photography, we can operate on a worldwide basis.

Please take a look at the samples below. As a very rough guide 1 minute of motion graphics animation of the quality shown takes 1 week to create.

The Motion Graphics Production Process

Here is a standard animation production timeline for a complex job. Of course many of the stages are optional:

motion graphics production process Hudderfsield

View Our Portfolio

Pixel Factory’s motion graphics portfolio contains an extensive mix of 2D and 3D animation for businesses and organisations of all varieties.
From instore screens of local businesses to massive projections onto the whole back of the stage at the main national concert arenas to huge promotional and ceremonial events as well as TV commercials via everything inbetween.

Clients include worldwide famous performers and massive well-known brand names. Again because of contractual reasons etc. we are unable to show some of our higher budget work online.

We are able to create all of the work inhouse, including 2D animation, 3d animation, initial graphic design, traditional handheld drawing andstop motion.

See our Portfolio