Video Studio

We have forged close links with a recently refurbished hudddersfield video studio. This allows us to offer our clients preferential rates for studio hire, at a fraction of the prices big city studios charge.

The massive 400 m2 (4000 sq ft) first floor studio has been fully modernised, decorated in white throughout, to create a fantastic neutral backdrop. Also featuring a white infinity curve, it is fully adaptable to be provide enough background space in any particular colour.

Of course the studio is equally at home for photography too.

A changing room, makeup area and catering space are also provided.

An even larger modernised white space is also available if that’s somehow not large enough!

For a grungy look the unfurbished 2nd floor creates a great untouched warehouse/mill background.

In the case of smaller shoots of 1-2 people against a backdrop, we have access to micro studio space at very, very low cost.

video studio huddersfield