Extra Equipment

Cinematic videos require special equipment. This invariably has meant an extra van full of equipment and operators for each of these. One of the biggest technological revolutions in video production has thankfully been in this area. The small scale of the camera equipment combined with technological progress and no small amount of ingenuity means that such kit can now fit into the back of a car and usually be operated by one person, often the same one that is filming the rest of the production for you!

We bring a range of our own equipment as part of our standard daily charges. This is usually more than enough for most productions. What is remarkable is that less than 5 years ago, the equivalent kit would have cost twice or even 3 times as much to hire per day as we can now afford to charge for a day’s filming with our own equipment included.
As well as our cameras and tripods we can offer at no extra charge:
jib arm crane – Our jib arm can reach approx 10 ft in the air, which allows us to create most of the sweeping shots up and down that can add a real polish to your video. While it covers most of the range required form most productions, we are also able to hire, at a reasonable rate, a larger crane for large sites or outdoors.

Dolly Tracks / Sliders

Dolly tracks allow the camera to move in and out of a shot or side to side. Along with crane shots, these are the type of shots that add real production value and give you that professional, even cinematic, look and feel. We have a dolly with 10 metres of track that can be provided, as well as a small slider and a range of other mobile ones which can fit anywhere, making incredibly creative shots possible.


If you need the camera to follow the subject or circle around them while remaining stable, steadicam is often the solution. We have a range of basic steadicam supports which work well with DSLR cameras. On some occasions, for that perfect finish, it is worth considering the hire of a full-time steadicam professional with full vest and arm. Of course, this is something else we can offer.


To help you or your presenter read your script without looking at a piece of paper, an autocue can be a massive help. This used to cost upwards of £800 per day with an operator. One of the most impressive technological advances is that one can be mounted via an ipod or even phone in front of the camera, with the equipment itself costing less than a quarter of that.

filming cinematic equipment