Video Editing

Our owner, Darren, has been focusing on Adobe Premiere Pro for the last 12 years and we are amazed at the way it has developed over that time. It will allow you to edit Hollywood films and TV broadcasts to the same level anything you see on TV.

Staying ahead of the curve, we have already experimented with filming and editing 4K footage with the software, the new standard which is 4x the resolution of HD.

He also has a good working knowledge of Final Cut and experience, albeit several years ago, of Avid. Our freelance editors can also be called upon for their experience if required.

While most of our editing is from our own footage, we are equally at home working with footage supplied by the client. We love working with beautifully shot pro footage but are still capable of making something way beyond a client’s expectations from their own non professional material.

video editing Huddersfield