We love the fact that amazing quality cameras are now so affordable. We’re firmly in the camp of buying our own equipment rather than hiring. This allows us to get to use it day in and day out. It allows us to keep the risks of things going wrong with unfamiliar equipment while on set to a minimum. We know it inside out and can push it to it’s limits. The affordability means it’s also possible to have backup equipment on set to ensure the show goes on.

Moreover, it means that we can offer a days’ filming for less than it used to cost us to hire the equipment for the day less than 5 years ago! The footage they allow you to produce is unbelievable too, so much so that major blockbusters such as the Avengers and George Lucas’ Red Tails, as well as some of the most popular American TV programmes have used the very same cameras.

For our small scale DSLR cameras we use Canon equipment and Sony for our larger scale, traditional camcorders. Not that this may never change but we are more than happy with the products they offer.

While most of our filming is for our own projects, we are also available for hire to shoot footage to edit yourselves. This is usually on behalf of other production companies, ranging from videos for their own clients to those asking us to film or provide footage to include in programs for the BBC and Channel 4.

We can supply a cameraman or cameramen to Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Manchester, Sheffield and further afield, covering the whole UK if required.

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