Audio Production for Video

We recognise that audio is an extremely important part of video production. Poor audio can distract the video no matter how good it looks. With this in mind we have become highly versed ourselves in all aspects of sound, with a selection of professionals dedicated to each aspect to call upon that we have built up over the years for when their expertise is required.


We bring with us a range of different microphones as standard, from traditional directional boom pole directional mics to clip on collar lavalier mics. These provide a good level of quality in most situations, certainly high enough for web videos.
For more tricky situations, or on occasions such as TV broadcast where the quality needs to be absolutely spotless, we are fortunate in having built up a network of sound recording professionals whose main line of work is major TV programmes, adverts and big sporting broadcasts


– We have access to many libraries of production music and thankfully the industry has wised up to the fact that there is a huge market for affordable licensed music and have responded by producing sites full of great quality tracks that can be purchased from under £20-£200 for use video productions.
Alternatively we have a small roster of musicians who can create bespoke music for your production at very reasonable rates.


– Many types of production benefit from a voiceover to explain the points they are putting across. We have a roster of voiceover artist that we have used or have offered us our services covering the full range of ages in both male and female categories, in several styles of voice and accent. We also have access to agencies offering every type of voice imaginable.

Post Production – Sound Cleanup

It’s not usually possible unless filming in a soundproof studio to control the sound going on around you. Sometimes unexpected sounds crop up at vital moments in recording, or they’re just there throughout in the background. While a sound recording professional can usually minimise or even eliminate them, sometimes this just isn’t possible unless everyone stands with a microphone right up to their mouth. It’s a rare occassion that that’s appropriate. Thankfully post production can usually minimise these audible distractions to an acceptable level and is worth considering to give the presentation that broadcast quality polish.

At the same time, the texture of the voice can be altered – smooth, warm, shrill, velvety – any voice can be given a new style in post production, even if it’s just a tinge that’s required.

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