2D and 3D Animation

Animation puts the “motion” in motion graphics.
Any kind of digital animation can be applied to the term.

3D CGI animation
2D graphics animation
2D character animation
2D photo animation
Pseudo 3D 2D animation
Flash generated animation

We can also perform traditional 2D handdrawn animation (given a lot of time!) and other forms such as stop motion/Claymation and puppetry.

3D Animation

We are able create objects and characters for 3D animation if time and budget permits. To on Darren’s drawing abilities, we are able to call upon artist who have worked on TV series and with companies such as Cosgrove Hall. These assets can then be animated in their own scenes.

Technological advances mean that we can create these much faster than in previous times, however the cost timewise has often been prohibitive without budgets in the tens of thousands.

At the same time, however a whole world of fully customisable premade, very affordable 3Dobjects has been created and added to libraries ready for purchase. These means that animators no longer have to reinvent the wheel every time they need an asset. These can then be added into the scene and animated, saving a huge amount of time and money. That way nearly all of the budget can be concentrated on the animation.

2D CGI Animation

We can draw assets from scratch, be they characters, objects or infographic icons to name a few.

These can then be placed into our motion graphics software and animated in 2D. One software advance has been the ability to place 2D objects in 3D space and then add a camera and lights to create immersive 3D scenes through clever camera control.

More recently, the ability to add real 3 dimensional objects into the same scene has opened up endless possibilities. Particle and lighting effects such as smoke, sparkles and fire can all be added to the objects and track both them and the camera perfectly.

Freelance animation services

We can provide all of these services to other video production companies and marketing companies to be added into their own productions.

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