Video Production

Whatever your product, service or occasion, can turn it into a promotional film that your audience will find interesting and impactful.

Motion Graphics

We are experts in the field of Motion Graphics. Utilizing 2d and 3d animation we are able to make any production look good enough for international broadcast.

3d animation

Harnessing the latest 3D technologies to make CGI affordable.

2D Animation

The latest technology makes eye-popping 2D animation possible. Utilising assets from hand-drawn to complex imported 3D objects.

Graphic Design

We started in graphic design 22 years ago with the very first Apple Mac. We’ve come a long way since! Whether to animate or for use on static screens or print we can exceed your expectations.


We combine an extensive knowledge of classic and contemporary photographic stills to create the cinematic beauty of our moving images. Why hire a separate photographer when we can shoot stills at the same time?


A little Bit About Us

about us pixel factory

Pixel Factory Specialise in producing stunning, agency quality videos without the agency prices. We have the advantage of being multiskilled, practiced through decades of experience, which means that a single person can bring the project from initial conception through to filming and finally delivering the final polished video with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a broadcast TV programme.

Online video’s time is finally here, working for companies and organisations 24 hours a day. Like having a broadcast TV ad available for the whole world to watch at their leisure. And best of all, at we can achieve that level of quality on a much smaller budget than you’d expect.

Since concentrating his 2002 Master’s Degree at The University of Huddersfield in Interactive Multimedia Production on films for the internet,’s founder Darren Evans has worked tirelessly to keep at the forefront of camera and software technology and techniques, all the while waiting for the internet to catch up – and now it finally has. Online video is here and affordable to even the smallest local business.

This decade has brought incredible, affordable high definition camera equipment good enough to make feature films and top Hollywood TV dramas. The software for editing animation and effects surpasses that available to the Hollywood studios just a few years ago. And now with the advent of Vimeo Pro, we finally have the means to stream the results online in full high definition and soon 4k, 4 times the resolution.

Cranes and dolly tracks now fit in a small car or van and don’t need their own operators. It’s these camera movements along with photographer quality picture composition, insightful editing and unbeatable creativity, topped off with up to the minute motion graphics and 3D animation that sets us apart.

Our knowledge and skills overcome budgetary constraints. Not just anyone can produce this quality. We’ve been honing our skills for a long time, all the while waiting for all this to come together so we could really push the limits.

There is no need for the upper level of management, fancy offices and cars that an agency requires to do the same job – thus eliminating the bulk of the costs.

The result is a finished product second to none, which can make even the humblest of organisations look like a world-beater. Whatever the job we go the extra mile to make it something that both we and the client are suitably proud of. Please take a look at our work and contact us for a price quote a you’ll love.