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10 Ways to Make Online Video Work For You - Huddersfield Video Production company Pixel Factory. Serving West Yorkshire including Leeds Bradford Brighouse Halifax

10 Ways to Make Online Video Work For You

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8 tips from Huddersfield online video experts http://www.pixelfactory.tv

1. Product demonstrations.

An engaging video showing someone interacting with your product or products brings people closer to it. As well as claerly showing all the best selling points and benefits, it can help a prospective buyer to imagine owning and using the product.

In the case of a service, it helps them understand better what they’ll receive from using the service. You can show them what a day’s training course involves or the finished product your service results in.

Being able to see another human being demonstrating or using the profit also instills trust. By having them enthuse about it’s virtues at the same time, the combined effect is very powerful.

2. Behind the Scenes Videos.

These help to show that there are real people are behind the business. Again another great trust building exercise.
Behind a website, your company lacks the facing presence of a high street store. You can show what goes behind the facade of the screen. Video allows you to show who works for you and give an insight into company culture.

Subjects that You can cover include office location, premises or even work processes.

3. Staff Interviews

An offshoot of the above idea, interviews with key or even a random sampling of the company show the human side of the company. Whether as standalone videos of individuals or spliced together to make one bigger video. Being able to connect a face to a name makes a big difference. Being able to hear them talk and see their mannerisms is another step closer to meeting them in person.

4. USP videos.

Videos focusing on your unique selling points can be a great aid for the conversion process.
Examples include price matching, free delivery, a freephone phone number excellent customer service response time.
For even greater effect use as an extra video with a handful of your best qualities, embedded on various pages on the site.

5. Client Testimonials.

One of the best trust builders – Being able to show real people telling the truth about your company’s positives resonates with prospective buyers in a way that corporate sales literature seldom can.

6. Website Feature Demonstrations.

Make sure all that time, effort and money you’ve spent on developing those new features gets promoted. You can show screen grabs of some of the most interesting parts of using the new features, a live action demonstration of someone using the features or motion graphics to illustrate and explain them (or a combination of any or all of these).

7. Company News.

What better way to let people see what’s happening at your company by letting them see moving images and sound. Far more effective than mere photos and text.
Anything that you may cover in a news blog is great fodder to use in news videos – company news, company events, new appointments etc.
Why limit it to just your own company though? In covering industry news and developments you can show that your company is on the pulse as well and knowledgeable as well as understanding of the latest developments.

8. Viral or Fun Videos.

It takes a lot of skill and and an even greater amount of skill to make a video go viral.
However successful your attempt might be people will want to share a fun video. If you can manage to feature what it is you want to sell in this manner then it can be a great form of free advertising. It can also take the edge off the corporate image of business. If done correctly, it can win the hearts and minds of the public.

9. Corporate Social Responsibilty.

Show charitable activities your staff are involved in or charities that your company supports. This shows a human, caring side of company culture.
Such videos can be used as some of your news videos or on page devoted to such efforts.

10. Seasonal Videos.

Why send out yet another Christmas Card when you can engage and entertain your customers with a Christmas video message. It could be humorous or educational, whichever it is putting across your human side in a way that print or static web screens cannot. Public holidays such as Easter or Royal Occassions or big events happening in the area or the country as a whole such as the olympics all give you a great excuse to put company in front of your current and potential customers.

At Pixel Factory .tv we are well versed in all these styles of videos and how we can make every single one of them work for you. Please contact us to see just how!

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