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4k Video Tests for regular HD distribution - Huddersfield Video Production company Pixel Factory. Serving West Yorkshire including Leeds Bradford Brighouse Halifax

4k Video Tests for regular HD distribution

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For several months we have been experimenting with using 4k footage to produce regular 1080p output. In particular, how much more versatile it can make existing methods of filming.

Because 4k has 4 times the number of pixels as HD video, it means that we can zoom in 200% of the image and still retain the same high HD image quality. One of the most obvious benefits of this is the increase in speed of filming that not having to change lenses offers. Instead of physically stopping every time to change lenses, a couple of button clicks allows us to get closer in post production. This can often mean not missing a closeup shot which has gone before you’ve had time to attach a longer zoom lens.

Another concept that we are testing is how much easier modern smaller cameras make the filming proccess, even offering a whole new way of filming and opportunites over older, larger cameras.

Modern 4k cameras can fit in a bag that makes them no more cumbersome to carry around than a packed lunch or a large can of drink. Instead of having to decide if it’s worth lugging a camera around on a day out, you can now just take it along as an afterthought and still capture amazing, broadcast quality footage.

The first of our tests was to capture a day out at Cannon Hall farm when they had their bonfire night celebrations. As you can see, a small 4k camera can deliver fantastic results by just stopping a few times on a day out to steady it, compose and shoot. They were impressed enough to include it on their Facebook and Twitter feeds after the event.

We have been able to apply these techniques to professional shoots to get shots that we would never have been able to get before, as well as a wider range of shots that avoids the longer setups that we used to have. There have been numerous occasions when an event has happened such as a delivery truck setting off or something being loaded onto a production facility while we are in the midst of setting up another shot and have been able to swing around and capture the shot. Something that would not have been possible before. The newer, faster autofocus is also a benefit in such situations.

Of course, we will enjoy this flexibilty while we can as 4k itself is about to take off and we will be making use of the full visual power of those 4k images. Youtube and Vimeo now provide 4k options for uploading and viewing videos. Costs are coming down rapidly for TVs and people are discovering that they can be a lot more productive by having all of those extra pixels on their computer monitors without having to take up desk space with a larger screen. Even if companies are not ready for 4k just yet, having the footage filmed in this format will come in very handy when it does!

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