4k Video Production in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

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Huddersfield Video Production Company Pixel Factory are pleased to announce our new 4k video production services. 4k video offers 4 times the number of pixels as High Definition video and twice the resolution. It is on course to become a mainstream format within the next 24 years as 4K televisions and monitors reach a similar price range to current HDTVs. 4k video allows far greater detail and realism, almost looking 3d in depth without the need for glasses. It means that you can display your videos on the 80-100″ screens that will become commonplace for exhibition displays and showrooms in the very near future.

HD videos look great and will continue to do so, but we can see already how screen sizes have increased in recent years. For exhibition and instore displays screen sizes are set to double very quickly and these sizes can really take advantage of the new format. You feel like you could step into the screen. Computer monitors are already starting to be manufactured in 4k resolution. The additional clarity allows you to make your windows and buttons smaller, which means you can fit more work onto the same screen size. When these become the norm, you and your prospective clients can benefit from having that lifelike detail on the screen.

This isn’t a pipedream somewhere in the future – Youtube already provides the capability to upload and present your videos in 4K!

At present we are offering to film entire productions in 4k to be completely futureproof. Well, we cannot guarantee even higher definition video won’t ever become available such as 8k video but unless you’re projecting on IMAX screens that would be overkill! 4k images look pin sharp on regular sized cinema screens and in fact most digitally filmed blockbusters (ie. almost all of them) are filmed in 4k.

We are also offering to shoot key shots in 4k so the client has them ready to use when they are ready to step up to 4k. We know from the transition from standard definition to High Definition how useful it can be to shoot in the next generation format now.

Of course we still offer regular HD video production, which will continue to offer enough detail for a lot of uses. We just don’t want you to have to have it all done all over again in the future, even though that would give us twice the business. Very generous of us, I’m sure you’ll agree! Of course, for filming of anything that can’t be repeated in the future and the chance is gone forever, we hope you will consider the importance of future proofing your footage.

We will be posting regular articles explaining 4k video production and it’s advantages over the coming weeks.

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