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4K Video Production in Huddersfield- Some benefits when shooting for HD

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There are many advantages of 4k video. Some obvious, some very unexpected ones offering some pleasant delights.

The most obvious advantage is clarity. You can see every detail in an image, as good as the sharpest set of eyes with 20/20 vision. In a way this provides a disappointment because HD seemed to offer that clarity. It’s only when you look back at an HD version that you realise it doesn’t. Don’t worry – it’s unlikely that you’ll be looking back to 4K in the same way in the future unless you’re projecting on an IMAX sized screen!

HD still has plenty of legs in it yet and for a lot of applications for now and in the near future, 4k offers a few added benefits for HD productions.


While it would never be a good idea for videographers to become lazy and just ensure an HD sized image of the scene is captured somewhere within the frame to be able to crop into it with a 1920 x 1080 image, sometimes this can be hugely useful. It may be that the client spots something in the background that they wish to wasn’t there after filming’s been completed. Maybe a part of a factory that isn’t pristine for example. Instead of having to blow the image up and lose clarity,as we are already reducing the size of the 4k image by 50% for HD, we merely have to reduce by, say 60 or 70% to miss out the part of the image that needs to be removed.


The image usually looks better than one shot in native HD when reduced to that size. With the sensor capturing more detail in the first place, when processed at 50% in scale, more of this detail is retained than if shot at HD size.

2 cameras for the price of one:

Instead of needing to operate 2 cameras for a an interview or performance to get a wide and a mid shot, we can film the wide shot and then crop to a mid shot in the same way, by reducing the wide shot in a HD image to 50% and keeping the mid shot at 100%.

Clever camera moves in post:

With only being able to fit 50% of the image in the HD screen, we are free to pan, across the image in post, or create subtle zooms. We can even add a rotation or add camera shake the image. The latter certainly makes adding effects easier, avoiding the need to track parts of the shaky footage to add the effects onto. You just begin with a steady image, add the special effects and then shake the resulting image to your heart’s content!

A 4x Zoom Lens

You can zoom into your 4k image by 4 x the distance it was shot in without losing quality. No need to carry a 800mm lens when a 200mm lens at a fraction of an image does the same job.

Of course we enjoyed a lot of these advantages when filming in HD for Standard Definition productions until the move to HD came. However the added clarity at this extreme end of picture resolution makes the process even more effective. As well as this, imagine the creative possibilities when working on a 4k image for output in Standard Definition DVD!

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