4k Video – Large Scale Photographs from Video Footage

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One of the by-products of shooting in 4k is that each of the millions of frames that you are capturing are actually a huge series of 8 megapixel stills.

As we at Pixel Factory aim to make every frame of every video good enough to hang on your wall by utilising all of the rules and skills of photography within our videography, this means that you can use any frame as a still photo.

Unless you are making posters out of each chosen image 8 megapixel is fine for both print, screen and internet publishing.

This means that you can save hugely in not having to employ both a videographer and photographer for a job. As well as saving us time ourselves in needing to stop and set the camera up to take stills of each scene if we are employed to do both on a shoot.

However, probably the biggest advantage is that you can choose any frame, not just the moments the photographer managed to capture. Even shooting 8 stills a second gives a lot less to choose from in capturing that perfect shot than 60 or 96 frames per second!

While it would still be prudent to book a separate photographer or photography shoot if large sized prints need to be made or if the shoot doesn’t need to be filmed on video in order to optimise lighting and scene setup etc. for a still shoot, this option gives the customer a great deal of flexibility and is definitely something to consider when selecting your video and photography requirements.

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